Our company was founded upon the guiding principles of honesty, courage, integrity, willingness to help and humility. We all firmly believe in knowledge sharing and love of learning. We have unwavering faith in our mission and invest extraordinary effort to achieve high customer satisfaction.


Our purpose is to help people, companies and non-profits to improve: We facilitate rapid, positive change with appreciative inquiry, consulting and audits. At Sycheck we work with key partners and technical experts to deliver high value globally.


Our vision is to empower people and organizations to access the combined intelligence of all stakeholders, to co-create a better future.


Our mission is to empower people and organizations to innovate rapidly. By helping companies to transform, by co-creating strategies, plans and goals, we aim to increase motivation and improve results, measurably. We help clients select and implement the best tools, processes and systems to achieve sustainable operational excellence.


With our proven method you can become externally certified. This should help you to:

  • Build trust with your key stakeholders 
  • More clearly demonstrate how you achieve your mission 
  • Better serve your people and those they serve
  • Improve your content, tools, IT and compliance to legal requirements 
  • Serve as an impartial positive assessment of the quality, security and sustainability of your operations. 
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