Are you a non-profit entrepreneur and serious about creating rapid and positive change? We can help. Sybil has experience implementing all types of management systems and is now offering this to non-profit organizations. She attended the global Flourishing Leadership Institute's Appreciative Inquiry program at Case Western Reserve University in April. As a certified LEAF facilitator, she helps people and organizations improve by using this inclusive, strengths-based method for strategic planning.

Our Vision is to help you improve results based on the combined strengths and intelligence of your entire team. With our proven method you can:

  • Build trust: Demonstrate how you live your purpose and mission to achieve goals
  • Better serve the people within your organization and those they serve
  • Communicate even more effectively with your website
  • Improve your tools, IT security and compliance 
  • Get extrenally certified by an independent certification body

Your organization's implementation of global best practices and certification benefits everyone and shows your committment to your mission and your people. You can create the culture within your organization which says:

            "We really care about service and are honestly willing to improve".

Our Mission is to help non-profits improve by providing the standard template for high-quality, secure and scalable operations.

Our Customers a delighted with our support which helps improve results. 

Who We Are: A group of master navigators - auditors, consultants, trainers and Appreciative Inquiry facilitators who can help you get from where you are to where you want to be, quickly.

Our Contribution is to help leaders and teams to become even more "fit for the future". Are you curious how? Take this 5-minute quiz to see where you are on your journey today. 

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