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Ā«Member of the board and fundraiser par excellence.Ā»

Career Diana D. James, visionary, aromatic alchemist, geo-biologist, singer/songwriter and founder of Sacred Aromatics and the Academie of Sacred Arts & Sciences, works with Sycheck Foundation to coach clients on ways to improve their management systems. She has worked as a professional coach within the engineering, manufacturing and non-profit realms. Diana travels the world with her work and research, facilitating transformational journeys for clients in Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, England, France, Scotland, Australia and in New Zealand.



 Reading, writing, teaching and helping people tap into their innate superpowers.


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Sybil VR Kleinmichel

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Norbert Sickenberger

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Marie-Luise Stoll-Steffan

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Diana D. James

Ā«Member of the board and fundraiser par excellence.Ā»   Consultant   Care...